Hemi-Sync® soundtracks from The Monroe Institute (Deep Time Dreaming on the DVD, plus Convergence in the screensaver) are shamanic chants that reverberate to the bone, using tones and rhythms that draw you deep into sonic ceremony with energies from a world beyond the ordinary.

Robert Monroe explored and named the out-of-body experience and wrote the definitive books that describe it. After 50 years of exploration, research and development - Monroe Products’ Hemi-Sync® technology is synonymous with healing, alternate realities, and brave journeys of the soul.

LIGHTSOURCE showcases the classics of Sacred Geometry:

The Flower of Life, The Sri Yantra, The Endless Knot, Kabbalah Tree of Life, The Golden Ratio Spirals, Metatron's Cube,  The Vesica Piscis, The Torus, Cross of the Spheres, Nested Inscribed Polygons, Harmonics of Music and the 13 Chakras, Dodecahedron and Pentagonal Star, Fruit and Seed of Life, Electromagnetic Field of the Human Merkaba & Plato’s ‘The Heavenly City’.

LIGHTSOURCE is both an animated movie and a desktop screensaver. Download LIGHTSOURCE videos for mobile viewing on your iOS and Android devices. Download the animated LIGHTSOURCE screensaver to transform your Macs and PCs into cosmic lightshows and meditation tools. Also available


A Sacred Geometry Experience


$1.99 each / set of 12 ~ $19.95

"what are these images and why do they make me stop breathing and feel tingly and strange. i am a 34 yr old woman and can only relate it to the feelings from the lsd trips i had as a teenager. it is the only way i can describe it. or even possibly like one of the most incredible orgasms i have ever had." ~ tha

"There is something magic about these symbols and this program is an amazing tool. I have practiced meditation for 17 years. Using the lightSOURCE program in combination with the sound healing music has assisted me in reaching the deepest states of meditation that I have ever experienced in my life. I want to tell others and help spread the healing that is encoded within these symbols." ~ Brian

"All I can say is “WOW!”  I was completely mesmerized. I brought it into the office today and viewed it on my computer screen with headphones. Unbelievable! It takes you to a whole new reality. I felt as if I was back in one of my sacred works with the plant teacher, and my mind and heart became so open. These visuals are a stunning experience. Thanks so much." ~ Carol M.

LIGHTSOURCE journeys to a zone beyond time and space where the mind becomes empty and Spirit becomes manifest. It doesn’t just look and sound like a shamanic experience, it feels like one.

Drawing on imagery both ancient and divine, LIGHTSOURCE dispels all doubt that there is a sacred geometry which transcends and incorporates all spiritual paths. Influences from Mayan, Tibetan, Buddhist, Judeo-Christian, Hindu, Islamic and Egyptian cosmologies, from Alchemy too, merge into one through entrancing animation.on DVD and CD-ROM.












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