Giant Metaforms

Giant Forms are profoundly powerful for creating sacred energetic space that you can walk into and be fully surrounded and embraced by the energy. They are perfect for advanced meditation and healing chambers. They also make exceptional outdoor landscape sculptures and act as awesome feng-shui enhancers by beautifying, moving energy, and raising frequency with precisely angled classic sacred geometric forms created by using Metaforms' ingenious and sturdy copper connectors.

Star Dodecahedron

The least expensive and most cost effective way to acquire your own Giant Forms is to purchase just the connectors from us and to get the pipe locally. We recommend and use type M copper pipe in 1/2” and 3/4” sizes. Because copper conducts energy so very well we make the connectors of copper, too, with a natural brushed finish. We can also gold-plate the connectors and/or the entire piece for you, but a price quote would have to be provided at the time of purchase.

We can also cut and ship the piping for you if you do not feel comfortable cutting your own. However - you can certainly ask your local supplier to do the cutting for you and save a lot of expense that way. We cannot price this ahead of time because the price of copper fluctuates so dramatically. Thus, if you wish us to provide the piping for you - with or without gold-plate - you need to email us for the current price plus shipping costs. If you don’t see it and think you want it, ask.


Connectors: In the product descriptions below the pound sign ( #) before a number indicates the number of connections each connector has. i.e.:
A #3 connector has 3 connections.
#4, #5 and #6 connectors have 4, 5 or 6 connections accordingly.

Gold plate


Aquarian Pyramid Giant Form
5 connectors
18 X #3
6 x #4
1 x #6

Aquarian Pyramid - 1/2” connectors


Aquarian Pyramid - 3/4” connectors


Aquarian Pyramid, 8'2"

Aquarian Pyramid

Dodecahedron Giant Form
20 connectors
20 X #3

Dodecahedron - 1/2” connectors


Dodecahedron - 3/4” connectors


Dodecahedron, 10’

Dodecahedron Giant Form with Cap
21 connectors
15 X #3
5 X #4
1 X #5

The Cap is used for hanging one or multiple smaller forms in the middle of the large form. The Cap (a five-sided pyramid which comes from a section of an Icosahedron and is known as an Icosacap) allows a form to be hung from the center of the piece; which adds even more energy to the configuration.

The reason this is the only form with a cap is that all of the other forms have a center point from which to hang another smaller form, which is desirable for the energy. The dodecahedron has a big blank space, so with the cap we increase the energy of the form, plus it now has a center point from which to hang other spinning forms.

The Dodecahedron is one of the best forms for a healing chamber as the energy connects people to their higher heart space for Divine Love and compassion and it moves a lot of etheric energy. Plus the space is very open for two people to work in.

Dodecahedron w/CAP - 1/2” connectors


Dodecahedron w/CAP - 3/4” connectors


Giza Pyramid Giant Form
5 connectors
4 X #3
1 X #4

Giza Pyramid - 1/2” connectors


Giza Pyramid - 3/4” connectors


Pentagonal Pyramid (Tipi-shape-inquire)

Giza Pyramid (with Cap-inquire)

Star Tetrahedron Giant Form

14 connectors
5 X #3
9 X #4

This form has connectors that allow for the form
to stand on point.

Star Tetrahedron - 1/2” connectors


Star Tetrahedron - 3/4” connectors


Barbara Hubbard in a recording studio sitting inside a giant Star Tetrahedron with gold-plated connector and white powder-painted copper piping. (Inquire, we powder-paint as well.) The bottom tips of the star are extend to the ground in order to support the form on point.

Phi Ratio Star Tetrahedron Giant Form
14 connectors
5 X #3
9 X #4

This form also has connectors that allow for the
form to stand on point.

Phi Ratio Star Tetrahedron - 1/2” connectors


Phi Ratio Star Tetrahedron - 3/4” connectors


Phi Ratio Star Tetrahedron

Phi Ratio Star Tetrahedron, 10’ +