Sacred Symbols Fine Art Prints

Sacred Symbols Fine Art Note Cards for that very special occasion. Each card illuminates one of twenty of the world’s most profound and powerful symbols - drawn from classic Sacred Geometry, Native American spiritualism, Eastern Taoist and Dharmic philosophies, and authentic crop circle formations. Each hand made note card is:

  • 5" x 7" with matching envelope
  • 2-panel with room to write a note inside
  • Printed on Aurora Ultra Fine Art % cotton rag content, acid-free watercolor paper
  • Shipped in high quality clear protective poly sleeves.

Grouped in five thematic sets of four images each.

Sacred Geometry Note Cards

$24.95 per set of 4.
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Hanta Yo

Hanta Yo

Seed, Tree & Flower of Life

Seed, Tree, Flower of Life

Blossoming Lotus
Blossoming Lotus

Codes of the Cosmos
Code of the Cosmos