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Are crop circles an epic hoax or one of the most profound and mysterious phenomena of the modern age?

A better question might be if presented with irrefutable evidence, would you be willing to believe crop circles are really created by “something” beyond human?

Whoever/whatever creates them is among the most brilliant of mathematicians and geometrers; prolific, precise and powerful; profoundly aesthetically evolved; capable of overnight unhuman transformations of football field-sized pastures of corn, wheat, rye… in a single night, dozens of times a year during shortened summer darkness, out in the open but never ever definitively seen or heard or perceived by any person, year-after-year for decades.

Endeavor as have I to recreate and animate the crop circle formations and you will not question that they are the construction of a transcendent, orgasmically stunning, creatively original mind; or minds.

Formations range from humorous and mind-numbing in their complexity to exquisite executions of overpoweringly intricate, profoundly original never-before-seen geometries.

Not every formation is jaw dropping, but there is abundance enough to easily make the case.

Zef Damen has been making computer-based crop circle reconstructions since 1998 and is the foremost practitioner of this art/science.

The reconstruction itself is done in AutoCAD. AutoCAD is perfectly suited for doing ruler-and- compass constructions, despite the fact that, internally, it works completely numeric. For construction purposes, it allows for using all sorts of special points (which are calculated with very high precision), like intersections, centers, tangent points, end-points, middle-points, etc. All these points do have ruler-and-compass counterparts.

As Zef says, crop circle formations appear in various "flavours", from quite uncomplicated single circles up to very complex patterns. A reconstruction is made to better understand the design of the pattern. It is a drawing of the floorplan of what has been found in the field. Although very exciting to know, his reconstructions are not meant to find out how crop circles are created in the fields. But as those who follow his reconstructions discover along with Zef, at the very end, to be in confluence with the actual crop formation, extraneous and superfluous arcs, lines, etc. must always be removed. This final step is meticulous and time consuming using AutoCAD on a powerful computer. In a field ten thousand square yards in size, in utter darkness over a single short night, silent and unperceived, how does one “delete?” This is impossible!

Take for example, Zef’s reconstruction of the August 16, 2014 formation at Nettle Hill near Ansty, Warwickshire, United Kingdom:

Step 1:

Step 41:

Step 42:

In the field by human hand, step 42 is completely impossible. Some power, some force, some intelligence, some entity (or entities), somehow... has been making  sometimes astoundingly evolved crop circles manifest on planet Earth for at least the last 5-6 decades. The how is barely imaginable. And the why?

Crop circles have been catalysts to spirituality for observers striving to understand their meaning and purpose. It has been said that perhaps they contain great wisdom, are encoded, hold keys to a time that is approaching.

Even to the casual observer, the crop formations are eye-catching and lovely. To mathematicians they represent the presence of an original and profoundly deep intelligence. To an ever-expanding community of spiritual seekers they symbolize that our planet is reaching a decisive stage of evolution. Perhaps as well, they indicate contact with kindred earth energies, spirits, or devas - or kindred extraterrestrial beings - whose communications have emerged to assist us through a critical juncture in our planet's and our species' history. But whomever or whatever visualizes, devises and manifests the crop formations, they appear neither hoax nor human.

Bert Janssen in his book, The Hypnotic Power of Crop Circles, wrote: "Their geometry tells a lot about the amount of thinking that went into the design of the formation. And if it's not the work of human beings, it tells us a lot about whomever or whatever is doing the thinking. Anyone who knows anything about geometry will know that all of this goes way beyond chance. There is no way this could be a coincidence."

"Why do these patterns have such a hypnotic effect? And not only on me. Many others are affected by them. But what makes these crop circle shapes so powerful? During reconstruction of the different crop circles you will see that...over and over again, nearly every time you think you come across a coincidence, you can be sure that it is not. You will, for example, find perfect ratios."

"The crop circle shapes work deep inside us in such a way that it enables us to do and feel things that we were unable to access before."

The Crooked Soley crop circle depicts an unbroken double helix strand of DNA, and the pattern uses an extraordinarily sophisticated geometry. Alan Brown & John Michell in their book, Crooked Soley: A crop circle revelation, seek to explain the significance of the geometry which exhibits what Plato described as the ‘heavenly pattern’, and which has been the basis of the design of ancient monuments (and indeed of the world itself).

Brown and Michell argue that this particular crop circle represents direct communication from a divine intelligence. Not just any superior intelligence, they say it is the divine intelligence that created the Universe.

Michell wrote, "This short-lived masterpiece was not only beautiful and finely crafted - as well as utterly mysterious - but it gave information, precise and numerically expressed, on a subject that I have been studying and writing about throughout my active life, the subject of ancient cosmology and the code of number on which every past civilization was founded. At the heart of this traditional code or canon are two basic components, the numbers 5040 and 7920, along with their common factor 720. These numbers were plainly emphasized in the Crooked Soley crop circle."

The circle appeared at night on 27 August 2002. It was the last major formation of the season and I was unaware of it until a year later when Allan Brown brought it to my attention. He had observed its numerical composition and recognized the significance of 5040 and 7920 through my writings about these numbers. He then waited for a year to see if anyone else would recognize them. No one did, so he wrote to me and, as said above, filled me with awe and amazement."

Janssen also says, "The crop patterns have played a major role in the change which I have seen take place in so many people who became involved with crop circles. Other friends who did not become involved with these mysterious shapes, did not change."

"The power of the shapes is not because they were laying in crop. No, the power resides in the shapes themselves."

Because of their inherent spiritual power and the fact that seekers gather in them, crop circles have been called temporary temples. Indeed, they last for a very short duration...a few weeks at most. In fact, the Crooked Soley crop formation in 2002 was mowed down by the farmer whose field it was, only hours after it was discovered.

There is a mind, and therefore a purpose, behind the crop circle phenomenon. It is an elevated mind and its purpose can be inferred from what it actually does. Crop circles bring beauty and mystery, friendships and new interests to a generation that needs them. At the same time, quietly, inoffensively, they are teaching us something. They are preparing us for something, for an event which, according to ancient records, occurs from time to time when the situation demands it - the return of the gods - the grail of knowledge and wisdom restored to earth."

Crooked Soley, it seems, represented a new stage in a process which has been going on for many years. This process was observed as early as 1959, by Carl Jung in his last and most prophetic book, 'Flying Saucers'. He characterized the UFO phenomenon as a portent of radical changes in thoughts and perceptions, culminating in a renewal of divine influence - the return of the ancient gods. In crop circles, says Patrick Harpur in the afterword, Mercurius is the dominant power - the god of inspiration and learning. He is the traditional source of the revealed code of knowledge symbolized by 5040 and 7920, the numbers so beautifully encoded in the Crooked Soley formation."

Judith Moore in her book Crop Circles Revealed, written with Barbara Lamb, provides a manual for the practical application of the crop circle shapes. She states that the important thing is that you engage in the process of alchemically activating these images and connecting to the collective consciousness of the planet. As she “channeled” from Laoilin (a 13th dimensional ambassador of the Great Central Sun with an ET existence on the Arcturian Mother Ship), here are a three excerpts:

Devil's Den, 1999 - "This is a cosmic equation for the planetary alignments necessary for the full activation of what is known in the mythology of the House of David as the fully awakened Christ Being. This is the effect of the awakening of the DNA of the lineage of the ancient houses of light. The geometry of this crop circle imprints the cosmic completion of the Eden Principle."

Avebury Trusloe, 2000 - "This crop circle is the code sequence for the intergalactic frequency and phase shift adjustments. The result is a rejuvenation and recalibration to the original blueprint of the essential life force within the third dimension on Earth. The spheres in this crop circle represent the merging of the alpha and omega (mother/father) energies in the creation of the new paradigm. The recalibration to the original blueprint is complete. The galactic counterpoint process has been activated."

Woodborough Hill, 2000 - "Within the divine potential of All That Is dwells all that has been and that ever will be. This is the portal all divine possibilities, the meeting place of cosmic creation. Allow your eyes to merge with this crop circle design and this will encode your brain's neurocortex to adjust from the rapidly deteriorating old world to the newly resonant third dimensional hologram."

At his website, Mirrors of the Soul, Janosh, a Scandinavian artist, offers extraordinary holographic computer art. It was not till after they appeared on the internet, however, that Janosh says he realized many of these were crop circle designs.

Shortly thereafter Janosh says he was contacted by an Arcturian entity called Saïe. According to Janosh, Saïe agrees with Laoilin  and says it is the Arcturians who are largely responsible for the crop circle phenomenon. He shared with Janosh special meanings ('keys') that each design contains. A few examples:

Woolstone Hill, 2005 = Confidence. The energy of Confidence stimulates you to make your choices based on your level of confidence. Everything happens for a reason. You should feel confident knowing the fact that you cannot make any bad choices. The choices you make merely determine the length of the road ahead of you and toward reaching your goal in this lifetime.

Avebury Henge (2005) = Gratitude. The energy of Gratitude helps us remember to be grateful about everything that happens in our lives for we have created it ourselves.

Saïe says, "The Sacred Geometry within these formations is recognized by the subconscious, since all living creatures consist of geometrically shaped elements. The Golden Ratio is such an example and frequently appears in crop circles. Sacred Geometry is the most universal language that Earth has ever known up until now. The purpose of this ‘supernatural’ communication is to guide mankind in its evolution to a higher level of consciousness. A level that humans seem to have lost over the past thousands of years. This way they clear the path for literally creating Heaven on Earth."

As a result mankind is more consciously prepared to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Since humans have a rather visual focus, they absorb the codes much faster in their subconscious by looking at them as opposed to hearing or reading about it."

Freddy Silva, creator of the wonderfully informative website, The Crop Circular and author of a seminal book on crop circles, Secrets in the Fields - The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles, asserts that the energy behind crop circles is natural, and “that an intelligent source is able to control it to a very high degree. How else can we explain a ‘natural phenomena’ that selectively avoids houses, towns, gardens, and parks? That produces hundreds of geometrical and philosophically significant shapes of great complexity? That interacts with, even reads, the minds of its human observers.”

For decades the crop circle phenomenon has continued unabated on spectacle-sized scale, completely out in the open, intense, beautiful and unexplained.

No subversive group has yet stepped forward to claim credit.