3-Dimensional Sacred Geometry Sculpture

The beautiful is a manifestation of the secret laws of Nature.

- Goethe

These sacred geometric forms are precisely composed, 3-dimensional sculptures that radiate an energetic field which can positively influence your environment and help create a sacred space.

From the earliest origins of culture, it was known that the entire structure of the Universe is based on the eternal laws of creation, which are mathematical and geometric in nature. Metaforms are designed to bring these archetypal laws into tangible experience in your life. They can create awareness and empower you in making appropriate choices. Their beauty and perfection can bring peace to your heart and mind. This positive amplification of safe, subtle energy can activate creativity, healing, dreaming, meditation, and relationships.

Metaforms will enhance the subtle energies that affect interior design, landscape, and Feng Shui, making them an elegant treasure for your home or office. Over 30 geometric shapes are available in polished bronze or 24 K gold plate, in sizes ranging from a few inches to over ten feet high.

Revolving Metaforms are available with beautiful motorized bases. Battery-operated ceiling spinners and non-motorized bases are also available to display your Metaforms.

Trust your experience and intuition; what attracts you is the next step.

Star Icosahedron 1

Stellated Earth Grid 1

5D Star Tetrahedron

Merkaba Of Oneness

Causal Ring 6 Pts

Aquarian Pyramid

Metatron's Cube 1

Star Dodecahedron

5D Star Of Deva 3

Sphere Of Physical Health

Star Tetrahedron

Dodecahedron 1

3D Star

Woven Spiral Star Ring

Emf Soulution

Polycarbonate Tubes 3-4-5-6

Led Turning Base

Phi Ratio Star Tetrahedron W Restoration Piece